Hiking Cathedral Rock   9 comments

Cathedral Rock Trail, Sedona, Arizona — Images by kenne

“This is a short 0.7 mile but strenuous trail which quickly rises 608 feet in elevation. The midsection of the trail
has a near vertical segment which requires climbing.  The trail is well marked and many hikers can be found
using the trail.  The trail traverses the east side of the mountain and thus the hike is better taken in the
afternoon so one is hiking in the shade. On the top, there is a narrow plateau with steep slopes on each side.
The width is about that of a wide sidewalk and several stones are perfect for sitting. One can enjoy the view if
not afraid of the heights.” 
Source: Sedona Hiking Trails

9 responses to “Hiking Cathedral Rock

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  1. Love this place! I visit it via the Crescent day site where you walk to Oak Creek in a couple of minutes, the walk across the smooth, flat rocks to the middle where there is a perfect view of Cathedral Rock.

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  2. I keep a long 4 foot image of Coffee Pot Rock Mesa in my sunroom, shot from atop Sugar Loaf. Both near Cathedral Rock. It’s to remind me of another beautiful landscape completely foreign to my sea level swamps and marshes. Oh, and my aversion to heights 😂. Thanks.

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  3. Going there in October. Looking forward to it

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  4. Really relateble I just started my own travel blog and then covid hit and I could not travel anymore from my country. No travel planning for me at all 😦

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  5. I did the walk along Oak Creek and enjoyed the shade, water, and views of the park. There are so many places to enjoy.

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  6. I agree; I love spending time there.


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