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Another take on the American Dream. — kenne

The Last Chapter

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The American Dream

There was a time when  life flowed

Slowly like a perfect meadow stream,

Fresh was the air, blue was the sky,

And everyone had a chance to live the

American dream.

These things that use to be will never

Come again, we have put a hole in the 

Sky, all because of our selfish greed, we

Are destroying earth out of self-seeking

Hunger for the things that we really do

Not need.

The sky is no longer clearly blue, only

A dingy hue, the rivers and streams are

Filled with debris, between Heaven

And earth a cloud of toxic waste, yes

We are destroying this planet and doing

So with increasing speed.

Our wetlands are taken away sold to build 

Summer a get-away, gone are the lands, 

Forest and streams that wildlife was free to

 Roam, today it is where greedy people build 

Million dollar homes.


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Posted April 13, 2021 by kenneturner in Information

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