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“The association between St. Valentine and love came in the late 14th century with the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer, who linked the springtime mating of birds to Valentine’s Day.” The male cactus wren will build more than one nest, trying to entice the female. This posting first appeared on February 9, 2014. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Desert Museum-9840 blogDesert Spring II — Image by kenne

Bird 6 (Cactus Wren)

I make my nests among the desert cactus.
Several I will build.
One for my lady to lay her eggs in.
Others to confuse our predators.

I’m not shy, like others of my family.
My lady and I will both sing songs.
Though my Lady is the one who sits upon the eggs.
I will help feed the young just like any daddy should.

I am seven to eights inches long.
My head is brown, and I sport a white eye stripe.
My bill is slightly curved for digging for those bugs.
I’ll flash my spotted tail feathers and flap barred wings.

I hardly ever drink water, even when it there.
I get what I need from the things I eat.
I really love those ants, beetles and grasshoppers.
I will occasionally eat some seeds and fruits.

So if…

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Posted February 14, 2021 by kenneturner in Information

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  1. What a beautiful and amazing photo

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