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There are days like this. — kenne

The Last Chapter

The future, its viewless things,

That undiscovered mystery. Will

We feel death’s lifeless wings.

No one wants these ending things,

Hiding behind curtained windows

To keep the world from seeing dying


Bathed in the dew of morn, the snowy

Landscape spreads. This is the world in

Which we are born, the world which will

Be gone when we are dead.

We become sick of wasted bodies, the

Mortal strife, the pain of taking a breath.

Is sorrow the course of your life as your,

Soul combats with death.

We pray for calmness before our wilted

Spirits must go. Life is beginning to be all

Too clear, and soon we will all be gone

From here.


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Posted January 14, 2021 by kenneturner in Information

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  1. Yes.
    Definitely “There are days like this!”
    I witnessed the ‘inevitable’ happened to my loved ones
    but powerless I was.
    “sorrow the course of your life as your Soul combats with death”

    A beautiful but very sad lyrical poem!

    Just like Emily Dickson’s Because I could not stop for Death poem,
    “Because I could not stop for Death
    He kindly stops for me
    The Carriage held but just Ourselves
    And Immortality”…

    Thank you, kenne, for the inevitable “reality”

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