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So many know but do little about it. — kenne

So Far From Heaven

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Old Jules, does absolute power corrupt absolutely?

Power corrupts. It doesn’t need to be absolute so much as it needs time to work and a closed system to work within. It has that in the combination of a two-party system, career politicians, Congress abdicating its responsibilities to the Executive so’s to avoid blame, and a Judiciary that sees itself as a lawmaking body.

Combine that with polarizing propaganda to point fingers away from the agenda and a spoiled, worthless spectator sports distracted population of semi-literates and you have 21st Century US using insurance sales and health care issues making up the gross national product.

Old Jules, what if you made up your own government?

Public officials elected by candidates nominated by sectors of the population and conscripted to serve a single term similar to selection of jury duty members.
Zero deficit spending on pain of death to everyone voting for…

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Posted September 24, 2020 by kenneturner in Information

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