Capturing The Moment — Real Mushroom Or Artifact?   2 comments

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Butterfly Trail July 2013Butterfly Trail July 2013

Butterfly Trail July 2013Images by kenne

While hiking the Upper Butterfly trail this past Friday, I noticed a beautiful black mushroom. Not being an expert on mushrooms, it’s not surprising that I had never seen such a beautiful mushroom. Cool! Well, not really if you think this mushroom shape was created by nature. The mushroom is the work of nature, but not the form.

One of our fellow hikers, Bonnie, having had some experience with mushrooms, noted that mushrooms spores are never on top. This mushroom is, therefore, an artifact. Some creative person came along the trail, saw the mushroom, and crafted a new shape out of the existing mushroom. Cool, yes, but then I would love to have captured a “before” image.

Thanks, Bonnie, otherwise I would have posted these images without knowing that an inherent element had been changed resulting in a mushroom artifact.

— kenne

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Posted July 22, 2020 by kenneturner in Information

2 responses to “Capturing The Moment — Real Mushroom Or Artifact?

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  1. And this beautiful photo is an artifact of that moment. Thanks for sharing your creation to those of us who hike these Internet trails.

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  2. Until the mountain trails open up again, it’s the Internet trails I too will be hiking.


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