A Return To School During Covid-19   3 comments

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Posted July 16, 2020 by kenneturner in Information

3 responses to “A Return To School During Covid-19

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  1. I could share a memory here. Back in the early 1970s my dad went on a business trip to Japan. He was engaged in a speaking tour or something.

    When he returned he just raved about how great the Japanese people were and how polite they were and stuff. I distinctly recall that one of the things he related to me was the fact that whenever a Japanese person thinks they might be coming down with a cold – if they even suspect that – they donned a mask in public. Why? Simply out of consideration and respect for other people. They did not want to give their cold to someone else.

    That was long before anyone ever heard of the coronavirus. But I wonder. What would’ve happened if we had been doing what the Japanese were doing back then? Perhaps this Covid-19 pandemic wouldn’t be so serious. Of course, I cannot prove that – but I wonder.

    Fred M Cain

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    • The first time I recall seeing people wearing masks in public was when I was stationed in Okinawa in the 1960s. It was for the same reason your dad shared. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Spot on!

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