Would You Mind Taking Our Picture?   2 comments

I try to be selective when I give my Nikon to someone to take a group photo with me in it. On this occasion, I ask a woman if she would mind taking a picture or two as our hiking group was taking a break on our return from The Wave. The video in this posting contains the photos she took. — kenne (Click on “View original post” to see the video.)

Becoming is Superior to Being

We all know the story of the guy behind the camera — he/she is never in the picture. If you have visited this blog, you know that most of the last posts have included photos taken of our trip to the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, specifically to experience and photo The Wave. There are still some I will be sharing of our return hike to the trailhead. 

As we were hiking back from The Wave, there was a couple that were in The Wave while we were there, setting out to return about the same time as we. As we hiked together on the return hike, we were asked if we would like a group photo — so I abided by giving her my camera, with a few basic instructions, of course. With my camera in hand, this woman suddenly became Susan Sontag. All I can say is that…

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Posted July 3, 2020 by kenneturner in Information

2 responses to “Would You Mind Taking Our Picture?

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  1. This was so funny! I love your narration! Beautiful photos too. Thank you

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