The Old life will Never Return…#166   5 comments

An excellent story writer on the human condition. — kenne

The Last Chapter

I have tried to resist from posting about the corona virus, yet since everyone has an opinion, I thought I would add mine. I have known all my life that America in general was greedy. I have seen years of the citizens of this country be or become greedy as time goes by, and the epidemic of greediness is growing rapidly. It shows in their actions, it is no longer about helping each other it is what can we do to get back the life we had before the virus hit.

Now protesters are defying the “stay-at-home guidelines”, they are taking to the streets toting American flags and do not tread on me banners. They are challenging the orders. The movement it gaining momentum and it is like the virus, it is spreading throughout the country. The protests have gain support from President Donald Trump; he has in a series…

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Posted April 21, 2020 by kenneturner in Information

5 responses to “The Old life will Never Return…#166

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  2. Today is the product of yesterday ,tomorrow will be the product of today .One cannot go home because what was there is no more .The divide widens .

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  3. Thanks for the link, Kenne. 🙂 I’m relly scared about what’s going on here right now

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