Can We Really Trust What We See?   Leave a comment

First posted on the blog, December 17, 2008. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

illusion-imageEdward H. Adelson

“…every newspaper is also a visual illusion!”

“For the brain, perception is very often dependent on context.”

The above image is one of five in the Scientific American article, “The Neuroscience of Illusion: How Tricking the eye reveals the inner workings of the brain.”

Do we all have our own specific illusion of reality? The eye doesn’t provide enough information for the brain to figure out exactness in what we see.  Since we do see, the brain is, therefore, filling in the voids, which is why we see illusions. “Can you trust your lying eyes – or any of your other senses and memory? Not really!”


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Posted December 18, 2019 by kenneturner in Information

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