Tuichi River Day 2, The Fog Begins To Lift   2 comments

It’s now been over two months since our trip rafting in the Amazon. Today, I received a “Like” from one of my followers, which caused me to review the posting. In doing so, it reminded me how much fun this adventure was. So, I figured others may have not yet seen this posting and many others our Bolivian trip in late August. –kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Tuichi River Day 2-17-72.jpgWith the fog lifting, you can feel the jungle moving away.

BoliviaNow it’s Matt’s turn to take over the lead as Ty enjoys the competition.

Tuichi River Day 2-20-72.jpgIt’s all fun and games

Tuichi River Day 2-21-72.jpgas Pedro’s uncle steers clear through the rough areas.

Tuichi River Day 2-23-72.jpgI keep the camera above my shoulders to capture a picture through the rapids.

BoliviaHere comes the sun!

Tuichi River Day 2-2772.jpgWhat a fantastic morning for riding the river waters.

BoliviaMatt paddles 

Boliviaas Pedro’s uncle steers.

BoliviaA flock of parakeets are singing in the trees

Boliviaas three macaws make their own loud, screeching and squawking noise flying by.
— Images by kenne

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Posted November 4, 2019 by kenneturner in Information

2 responses to “Tuichi River Day 2, The Fog Begins To Lift

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