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This is a post from early November 2008 on one of my favorite poets. Something about his earthiness that I love. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

bukowski052This week I will be doing a two-hour biographical piece at the college on the quintessential counterculture icon and outsider to the poetry world, Charles Bukowski. There are a lot of reasons why I chose Bukowski, not the least of which is his frankness in expressing the truth.  I will not be reading his poetry but will make use of videos and recordings of Bukowski and others talking about and reading his poetry. I will only read a bio poem.


Class Outline

1.    Charles Bukowski Bio Poem
2.    YouTube — Bukowski: Poetry & Motion
3.    DVD Poem:  The Man at the Piano
4.    DVD Chapter 2
5.    DVD Chapter 5
6.    Tom Waits: Flowers Grave
7.    DVD Poem: The Shoelace
8.    Tom Russell: Old America
9.    Tom Russell: Hotwalker 3:08
10.    Tom Russell: Bukowski #1
11.     Tom Russell: Bukowski #2
12.     Tom Russell: Bukowski #3
13.     Tom Russell: Requiem

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