Living In The Desert Only 45 Minutes Away From Autumn Colors   2 comments

This post was first posted seven years ago, October 16, 2012. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Hiking In The Autumn Colors of Mount Lemmon — Images by kenne

Many of the bloggers I follow have posted beautiful images of autumn colors. They live in areas known for their autumn colors, one of nature’s best shows.

Living in the Sonoran Desert can limit one’s opportunity to capture images of the fall colors. However, many of the summer and fall trials we hike are in the Santa Catalina Mountains, which now have plenty of autumn colors.

Yesterday the Monday Morning Milers hiking group took to Sunset Trail on Mount Lemmon to experience autumn in its full regalia. 

Autumn is about color
Red, yellow, green and blue
Does it matter?

 My favorite color
May not be yours –
Does it matter?

 Autumn leaves
May contain yours –
Does it matter?

 A favorite season
May not be yours —
Does it matter?

 When three are…

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Posted October 15, 2019 by kenneturner in Information

2 responses to “Living In The Desert Only 45 Minutes Away From Autumn Colors

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  1. My favorite time of year. Beautiful pictures of the changing colors.

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  2. When one lives in the desert, most people think you don’t experience the seasons. You do when the mountains are nearby.


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