We haven’t come as far as we think   2 comments

Are the people you live next to the people you think they are? Something to think about. — kenne

Embrace Serendipity

If there is a single chilling lesson to learn from the Trump presidency it’s that U.S. race relations have not progressed as far as people think.  D Trump has dozens of times in rallies and from the rostrum spoken demeaningly of multiples races and backgrounds.  His manipulative words have been received eagerly by certain segments of his audience — publicly.  With no fear of reprisal, or sanction.  His hate-mongering has gone largely unanswered by other Republicans — giving him freedom to continue his spread of racist hate.

In 1908 the Postmaster General of the United States banned the mailing of lynching postcards like the one below.


In this day and age we might think that an overreaction to an isolated instance, but the truth of the matter is that from the 1870’s on there it had become a popular thing to produce postcards as warnings, and as evidence of one’s…

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Posted October 13, 2019 by kenneturner in Information

2 responses to “We haven’t come as far as we think

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  1. Trump acts like he has a Russian computer-chip implanted in his so-called brain. It’s not a political party any longer. It’s a nefarious, diabolical cult.


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