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First posted August 2010 by kenne.

Becoming is Superior to Being

rock-climbing-mt-lemon-9893-2010-08-20-talking-tree-d-poster-blog.jpg“Talking Tree” — Image by kenne

Talking Tree

“Hey you,” said a hollow raspy old voice.
Looking around, there was no one near me.
Concluding the voice came from people
on nearby boulders, I kept on walking.

“I know you heard me, don’t you see me?”
The voice was the same, this time more stern.
Still, there was no one behind me,
only the remains of an old tree.

Perhaps the voice came from behind the tree.
I began moving toward the tree, when,
suddenly one of the tree limbs began to move.
This can’t be, the tree was waving to me.

Was the sun starting to get to me?
“Don’t be afraid, come a little closer.
My voice was damaged from all the smoke.
Yes, the voice you hear is me,” said the tree.

This cannot be a talking tree, I thought.
Yet, there’s no one else around.

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Posted August 4, 2019 by kenneturner in Information

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