360 Revisited: Entry for December 18, 2005   2 comments

The following commentary could have been written today — “The Demons of Fear.” It was posted on my WordPress blog in September of 2008. However, I wrote it in 2005, which was my first year of blogging. At that time I was using blogging software, Yahoo-360. Yahoo stopped supporting the software in 2008, which is when I started using WordPress software and created “Becoming is Superior to Being.”

Since “Demons of Fear” is still applicable to today’s events I decided to reblog it.

“To live outside the law, you must be honest.” — from Bob Dylan’s song, “Absolutely Sweet Marie”.

Becoming is Superior to Being


The Demons of Fear

Like many Americans, my formative years were at a time when communism was our only axis of evil. The reasons for qualifying as evil were many, e.g., starting wars against smaller countries, breaking international laws, torturing people, espionage organizations spying on their own people, controlling information and the building of a giant prison industry to name a few. Such reasons were easy to believe because of the simplistic notion that if communism (them) was evil, capitalism (we) was good. Therefore, we would never, never, never do such things. (Such acts are bad, and, of course, we are good!)

“Never say never!” Even more significant, “. . . don’t make the mistake of believing your own lies.” Of course, in politics, the custom is “Never tell a lie when you can bullshit your way through.”

Truth cannot be found in talking points based on good vs…

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2 responses to “360 Revisited: Entry for December 18, 2005

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  1. Definitely relevant today! Thank you for re-posting.

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  2. Surely applicable to the present day.

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