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This was one of my earliest blog posts, December 5, 2005, which I revisited December 2008. On this first day of December 2017, I thought I would share, “Don’t give up the power to think!” — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

thought-ii-updated-web1“Thought” — Image by kenne

Don’t give up your power to think!

You may care not to admit it, but we all spend time thinking about our relationship to the universe, and all things that are connected with that. However, because of divergent forces inside each of us, you may spend time running from yourself.

Some of the ways you run from yourself are becoming focused on vicarious experiences, such as reading a mystery novel or playing computer games. You might also join a religion or political movement.

These acts involve little to no risk since there is little chance of your connections with others becoming an objectification of who you really are. There is much evidence to show that running from self-behavior is the result of an attitude managed by the dominant side of your brain.

You’re probably beginning to think, “. . . now we are going to…

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