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It’s important that American workers have the facts, not lies. We need to see the American worker through the eyes of Terkel, Whitman, Guthrie and Springsteen, not the eyes of politicians. I first posted the on my blog eight years ago. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Travelers in Time — “Joe Six-Pack” Has Hitched a Ride On the American Worker

As children, most of us experienced being called names reflective of a group, region, country, sex, race, or class.  As adults, derogatory name calling remains, only it’s taking on more sophistication.  Often such names become acceptable, but generally by those who seek an emotional identification with  people who “are just like me.”  Such emotional identification has its place, but when I select someone to represent me, I’m not looking for someone who is just like me.  When you vote for someone because they “are just like me,” the implication is a desire to make us all the same.

So, it may be all right to refer to your spouse a “…Joe Six-Pack kind of guy…”, but if you are seeking to express an identity with the American worker, why use a phase that many see as…

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Posted October 16, 2016 by kenneturner in Information

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