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We moved to Tucson in June of 2010, but it wasn’t until the fall of 2011 that I became aware of the migrating stayed overnight near the Tanque Verde wash near our neighborhood. This posting five years ago was the first of several postings on one of my favorite birds.


Becoming is Superior to Being

Turkey Vultures Along the Tanque Verde Wash — Image by kenne

Although many turkey vultures are in southern Arizona year round, in the Fall and Spring many migrating through. When they roost in large community groups are night, and one such location is along the Tanque Verde Wash south of our home in Tanuri Ridge. This time of year there be over 150 turkey vultures roosting in dead trees along the wash. The following information is from the Turkey Vulture Society web site:

Appearance: The turkey vulture’s head (like the head of its namesake, the wild turkey) is bald and red. Its plumage is primarily dark brown (see photo to right). In flight, the undersides of the wings are two-toned: on the leading edge (the front) of the wing the color appears black or dark brown, and the trailing edge appears silver or whitish (see photo to right).  Genders seem identical…

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