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We learned this morning that Michael J. Ronstadt died Sunday after battling liver cancer since this spring. The younger brother of Linda Ronstadt, Michael was 62.

Joy and I first met Michael and two other members, Petie and Alex of the Ronstadt Generations in January when we traveled together as part of a bus tour to Alamos, Sonora. Traveling with them was indeed an honor, helping make the tour a most rememberable experience.

Michael will be remembered as his sister Linda described him, a “modern-day troubadour”.

— kenne


Stephanie's Party (1 of 1)-6 blog

Petie Ronstadt, Michael J. Ronstadt, and Alex Flores of Ronstadt Generations (January 26, 2016, Alamos, Sonora) — Images by kenne

Video by kenne at the home of Stephanie Meyer in Alamos, Sonora

Michael, Alax, Peti (1 of 1) blogMichael, Alex, and Petie — Image by kenne

Federico Garcia Lorca has written, “Death alone can calm the singer and still his feverish longings.”

I want nothing else, only that hand,
for the daily unctions and my agony’s white sheet.
I want nothing else, only that hand,
to carry a wing of my own death.

Everything else all passes away.
Now blush without name. Perpetual star.
Everything else is something else: sad wind,
while the leaves flee, whirling in flocks.

 Federico Garcia Lorca, “Qasida of the impossible Hand”


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  1. I used to take my mom to Monterey court to listen to T he Rinstadt Generations. He would always come over and talk to her

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  2. While riding in the back of the bus, I had the opportunity to get to talk to Michael on the trip to Alamos, Mexico. He was very interesting and loved talking about Tucson’s history. I’m so happy that I got to experience the Ronstadt Generations while Michael was a major part of the group.


  3. Life is never long enough.


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