The Doobie Brothers — Anselmo Valencia Amphitheater (Ava), Tucson   1 comment

How About A Throwback Sunday? This is a posting from June 25, 2011. Here we are 5-Years Out! ENJOY AND “LISTEN TO THE MUSIC”!

Becoming is Superior to Being

This past Wednesday, the Doobie Brothers rocked the hot (but comfortable) Sonoran Desert night in Tucson, with some of the best American rock ever. This is not your average warmed-over band from the past — they are a fined-tune group that can jam with the best. These guys are willing to work. Believe me, if you can make it to one of their concerts you will be glad you did.

The concert included a few songs from their new CD, World Gone Crazy, but for the most part, it was a night of oldies, the music you hear on “classic Rock” radio. The new stuff is good, but it sounds like the 70’s. Why come out with new 70’s music? It’s still old and has to compete with the old Doobies we love.

The Doobie Brothers could not get arrested with their new album.  But they just…

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