Mean Gene Kelton Shares Story of Dallas Gig with Diunna Greenleaf   1 comment

Six years ago tomorrow (February 20, 2009) I posted the video of Gene Kilton at Houston’s Big Easy telling the story of when he and Diunna had a gig in Dallas. I love Gene’s music, better yet, hearing him tell stories. So on this “Throwback Thursday” I’m rebloging one of my favorite videos — enjoy.

Becoming is Superior to Being

The Blues Always Tells a Story!

At last Sunday’s fundraiser for Diunna Greenleaf, Mean Gene Kelton was one of several musicians playing for the cause.  In addition to being a great musician, Mean Gene is a master storyteller in the oral tradition of what I refer to as “Rural Mississippi Backporch” style — I love it!

In this video Mean Gene shares a Dallas gig experience (This was not a “gig from hell,” but it should be in his about to be published, “Gigs from Hell.”) he and his band had traveling with Diunna, before going into “I Play the Blues for a Livin’.”


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Posted February 19, 2015 by kenneturner in Information

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  1. so glad you caught the videos you did and that you share them, thanks


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