Philip Levine — The Voice Of The Voiceless And That’s The Simple Truth   1 comment

I just learned from my good friend, Larry Bailey, about the passing one one of the 20th centuries greatest poets, Philip Levine, the “working man’s” poet. I had the honor of meeting him twice, once in the earlie 90’s and again in 2005. May he rest in peace, although he is probably currently writing poetry in a parallel universe. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

WIPPhotosScanned36 Phillip Levain blog art frameSimple TruthPhilip Levine — Image by kenne

Writers In Performance Series, Mid-1990’s — Images by Nancy Parsons

Voice of the Voiceless

life is simple,
we make it complicated —
that’s the simple truth.

I found myself reading
the poems of Philip Levine —
blessed with the gifts
of listening and observing;
enabling him to care,
he has called the
“voice of the voiceless”.

Above all,
Levine is a story-teller
of people decaying
in the spoils of the rich,
speaking directly
from the front lines,
bearing witness to
revolutions, faded.

By writing about work,
Levine writes about life.
waiting in the work line.
waiting in the assembly line.
waiting for the next task —
not changed from the last.

I, too,
worked an assembly line.
I, too,
bless the imagination
that have given me
myths I live by —
images created by
my visionary power
to bear…

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