1957 F-86 Crash Site On Mount Bigelow   6 comments

Butterfly Trail July 2013

Butterfly Trail July 2013

Butterfly Trail July 2013Images by kenne

Up from Novio Falls near the Butterfly Trail on Mt. Bigelow, parts of an F-86 plane that crashed in 1957 can be found. As you might guess, pieces are scattered all around the area where these photos were taken, and plenty of plant growth since 1957. Because of rain beginning to fall, I stopped exploring the area and started my return hike back. Parts of the area are very dense, and the terrain is steep.

— kenne

6 responses to “1957 F-86 Crash Site On Mount Bigelow

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  1. Woo, old relics!


  2. One of the great things about hiking is all the discoveries although I realize this was a planned hike. However this site still makes one pause and contemplate that this event changed the lives for some forever.


    • I had heard people talk about this old crash site, but most don’t push ahead to see it. With the growth, the trail begins to disappear on you. Thanks for the comment.


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    This posting from July 26, 2013, contains photos of my first and probably last attempt to locate the F-86 that crashed near Butterfly Trail on the northside of Mt. Bigelow. It was not easy to find seven years ago because of all the plant growth in the general area. However, it may now be exposed more due to the Bighorn Fire. — kenne

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  4. Amazing how nature given the time over takes all man made things. Good luck on your exploits.

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