Capturing The Moment — Existing Because I Think   3 comments

“Watching Time Go By” — Image by kenne

I capture the moment
So to live in the now.
Existing because I think,
Always seeking answers
For the human condition —
Locked in a Sartre room,
Holding the key, yet
Unwilling to take up the torch
By creating solutions.
Only to expressed
Reality in the abstract
Acting out passion
Before it is felt.


Posted August 11, 2011 by kenneturner in Capturing the Moment, Philosophy, Photography, Poetry

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3 responses to “Capturing The Moment — Existing Because I Think

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  1. Wow! I love your blog and I love your poem! It captured something that I am trying to do with my poetry. I would like to hear any feedback you might have about mine.


    • Looking at your site and reading some of your poetry, I can see we share a lot of the same feelings. Your line, “I solemnly walk through the Gates of Time,” in the poem “9:03, cause me to take special note since I’m currently writing a poem on time and space. Very good!

      Thanks for visiting my site, come back now and then.


  2. Thanks for your comment. I definitely will revisit your site.


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