Political Realism — Oligarchs And The Servants of Oligarchs   Leave a comment

Image Source: Sierra Club

The following is from the blog posting, “The Scandal of Political Realism,” on the blog Larval Subjects:

The political realist always says “listen to those in the know”– usually oligarchs or servants of oligarchs –”they are naturally superior, they have your best interests at heart!” Speaking against the masters becomes pure folly. The voice of those that protest, that refuse the “wisdom” of the masters, is immediately coded as animal noise without reason that only “emotes”. We can think here of the difference between how the medical establishment treated hysterics before and after Freud. Prior to Freud, the hysteric was to be dismissed, to be denied voice, to be relegated to the irrational. After Freud the hysteric is to be listened to as articulating a wrong and a breach in the order of identifications. Political realism strives to silence the hysteric, claiming that their voice is no voice at all, that that voice comes from no place of knowledge or wisdom. Read more . . . 

But first, I will end by paraphrasing Larval Subjects comment in the discussion on the posting —

Having been part of many such discussions, I know they don’t lead anywhere, since the arguments have been made on both sides. Even so, I find it difficult to accept the political realism premise that situations offer only one course of action.


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