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Tanuri Ridge Pool image by kenne

On this Labor Day Weekend, we are not on vacation. although it may look like we are. We are at home, pool-side in what may look like our private pool, but it’s our community pool located about 50 yards from our house. It might as well be our private pool, since on this beautiful day, we are the only ones in the pool. Goes to show you how people can take things for granted — not for Joy, she has a regular swimming routine at the pool. It’s nice when everyday can seem like a vacation, but don’t assume we will get bored, we mix it with plenty of work — this was my first time in the pool. Still, “We wish you were here!”


p.s.   . . . another couple did share the pool after these photos were taken.

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Slide Show by kenne

Posted September 5, 2010 by kenneturner in Friends, Life, Photography

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8 responses to “Wish You Were Here!

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  1. Great looking cooling off area – it’s warm enough here in the mountains for a dip today – crazy weather, eh? Nearly a retirement for you guys – glad to hear it’s working out for you. Take care, you two.


  2. WOW!! Looks so inviting!! Enjoy your holiday. I will be working and the retired guy will work in his barn…. Miss you guys… Saw Rich and Sonny Boy last night at Crabdaddy’s. Rich is going to open for the Ray Bonneville show. He working on who he will bring. Sounds like someone who hasn’t been at the Blues Project before. Will know in a few days.


  3. . . . really miss all our blues friends. Looks like our next blues event will be the Bisbee Blues ( http://www.bisbeebluesfest.com/ ) Fest on the 25th, the same night Ray and Rich will be at K & M Blues Project — talk about mixed emotions! I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too!


  4. wish we were there too!!! Beautiful pictures Ken! See you soon!


  5. Although we miss you very much, it’s great to see you two having such a rewarding life – you deserve it! Joy could be in a magazine; you, on the other hand, need some work. Have a great day. Richard


    Richard A. Griffin
  6. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    This was our first Labor Day Weekend here in Tucson ten years ago. — kenne


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