Capturing the Moment and the Word — Desert’s Rainy Season   3 comments

Catalina Foothills, Tucson, Arizona — image by kenne

During this summer’s rainy season, many storms have provided much needed rain to southern Arizona. However, when it comes to rain fall, not all areas are treated equally. We had received little rain till the other evening, so when the rain began, it was a time to rejoice. So much is special about the desert, I wrote a poem and produced a video. You can read the poem below and/or in the video.

Desert’s Rainy Season

Desert’s rainy season is
A product of summer highs
Mixed with atmosphere lows
Bringing a refreshing brief break
To her blue-skied summer heat

Desert’s wide-open spaces
Provide panoramic views
Showcasing threatening clouds
Only to often breakup
Before reaching your sky

Welcoming rains come
Only at Desert’s well
Playing havoc with forecasters
Never seeming to learn
She does not keep time

Wind shaking the trees,
Olive, palo verde and mesquite
Shadowed by rains wetness
Shining with each lightening flash
While drinking of life’s fountain

Olives falling from twisted branches
Rolled by wind over wet flagstone
Pounding rain leaving behind puddles
As rainwater exits through openings
In old pueblo walls

Wind chimes dance wildly
Ringing out in nervous joy
Desert’s unlocked sounds
Composing a melodic refrain
Proclaiming Desert’s delight


3 responses to “Capturing the Moment and the Word — Desert’s Rainy Season

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  1. I like the persistent imagery in your poem. This was my favorite moment: “Ringing out in nervous joy.” I like that wording. “Nervous joy” sort of changes the complexion of the poem for me. Stay writing!

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  2. My friend Marita Mardo in Argentina emailed saying, “Closing my eyes, I could hear the wind, the rain, the bells, that is one way we call those things here. They have a name in Spanish, llamadores de ángeles, a kind of angel’s callers.” What a beautiful observation. I love it, caller angels — “Their sound is harmonizing, bringing peace and joy to the spirit, make it sound when you want something from the heart.” How nice.

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  3. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    We are in the desert rainy season and we could stand some more rains like this one almost four years ago. It’s still early in this season, so let’s hope for much more to come. — kenne

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