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Billy Joe Shaver — Image by kenne

One of my favorite “outlaw” country musicians is singer/song writer, Billy Joe Shaver.
His music seems to connect to those of us who are able to stay connected to life’s basics while allowing the journey to leave behind the lonesome doves.

If you don’t know the music of Billy Joe Shaver, but saw the movie “Crazy Heart,” you will recognize his song, “Live Forever” from the movie. Here’s copy of the first verse from “Live Forever:”

I’m gonna live forever
I’m gonna cross that river
I’m gonna catch tomorrow now
You’re gonna wanna hold me
Just like I always told you
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone
Nobody here will ever find me
But I always be around
Just like the songs I leave behind me
I’m gonna live forever now

Call it a coincidence, but one of our new neighbors in Tanuri Ridge, sculptor and artist  Malcolm Alexander, looks a lot like Billy Joe Shaver.


P.S. Let’s wish Billy Joe the best as he recuperates from surgery.

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    Just happen to be listening to some Billy Joe Shaver music tonight and felt a need to reblog this post from a few years ago. — kenne


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