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If you were to Google Michael Lieberman of Houston, you would get two hits, Dr. Michael Lieberman, MD, Houston, Texas, (TX), Anatomic Pathology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, and Michael Lieberman has published three collections of poetry. As you might expect, they are one in the same.

Michael was the 1995 winner of The Texas Review Southern and Southwestern Poets Breakthrough Series and read at the Writers In Performance Series in the spring of 1996. Until recently reading his book again, A History of the Sweetness of the World, I remember little of his poetry. As with all poetry, the writer’s work and cultural experiences influence the selection of words in shading light on our existence.

As It Was in the Beginning

I raise an alternative from the jug
and bakery shop – yeast, bubbling,
ignoring their conjugal selves

for solitary acts involving
templates, nucleic acids,
replicons and the sizzle of birth—

God releasing Adam a sexually
across the dome of the world,
His index finger flicking Adam off

as we might reject a former lover.
The world budding from spherical deities
filled with DNA and histones—

protrusions on smooth surfaces—
at first less than hemispheres
bulging in apparent stasis, while inside

a potpourri of chemicals churns out
what many believe are perfect copies
of the Lord; later, each set free,

a homunculus rotating in the void,
creating a gravity of its own,
singing hosannahs in a beery breath.

They deserve all manner praise—
cymbals, hymns, prayers and masses,
temples, shrines, cathedrals.

For what is more precise and marvelous
than unequal scission that recites
the whole of creation, perhaps forever?

— Michael Lieberman

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