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Misc Photos June 2009  7345 - 2009-06-25 at 21-17-29 Zen Night XIII blogno degrees of separation — Photo-Artistry by kenne

everyone is complaining
it’s 104 degrees in Houston
signs of the heat
not from the complaining
not from the degrees
the plants tell me so
looking dry and limp
i water them,
some daily
birds spending more time
at the fountain
yes, it’s hot
technology and good health
keep me from wilting
weather has become
the topic of choice
local news
hot enough for you?
the standard greeting
when walking
to the mailbox
just another one of those questions
that has an answer before asked
often not my answer
all local news
focused on the weather
i turn to KCRW in Santa Monica
for news not occupied by the June heat wave
one of my favorite radio stations,

Morning Becomes Eclectic,
To the Point,
Lift, Right and Center,
Book Warm

a break from the heat wave
easy listening from the left coast
a light went out
a shooting star has
fallen from the sky
the thrill had gone
Michael Jackson is dead
at 50, can it be?
I’m a twit that is Tweeting
realizing that with MJ
there are no degrees of separation
no complaining
it remains 104 degrees
I’ll mow the lawn

— kenne

Posted June 27, 2009 by kenneturner in Art, Poetry

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  1. I like your style. Very direct though cleverly chosen words



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