Decoding Poetry   15 comments

“Snakes On The Wall” — Photoshop Art by kenne

Decoding Poetry

What is it?
Is it not all things

In human existence?

Is it not all things

Of human experience?

Some claim
The words of poetry,
As if anointed
Announcing to the world,
“I know the code!”

Poetry is not code,
Allowing entrance
Only to a few
Fettered and packaged
For the scholarly.

If I experience
My own life
In the words of another,
It is poetry —

For it is I
Who holds the code
To my existence.

In the end,
There is no right
Nor wrong answer —

Poetry is like dancing,
If it feels good,

Do it!

— kenne


15 responses to “Decoding Poetry

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  1. I’ve always thought poetry represented the awareness of something. The minute you really notice a thing – e.g., the sound of a mailbox opening in a blizzard – it enters the world of the poetic. In other words, there are two worlds – the one where things stay silent and unnoticed, and the one where everything is amazingly phosphorescent.



  2. good words – enjoyed your thoughts, I write as well, please visit


  3. Awesome stuff, – I just discovered poetry about a month ago. I started writing some stuff, check it out if you like. , basically my writing consists of true life happenings to me.


  4. If there are any tips you got for me, feel free.


  5. Jay,

    You have a very creative, wonderful site: kind of Quentin Tarantinoish – very creative, somewhat dark, sometimes “in your face” offensive, but works well in the context. You seem to be a very “edgy” existentialist, which in reality cannot be labeled. What I see is someone striving to make non-existence and the unconscious real through images and words in the classic sense of “being and nothingness.” You have goals within the state of the not objective reality, which is evident in your writings. Keep it up! Yes, you are “the man.”


  6. Wow. Thank you very much. I have never been criticized on my work before, by someone else who writes poetry. You actually just really made my day. I will keep your post as motivation. Thank you again.


  7. Hi there. Thought you might enjoy this: Cheers, JK.


  8. Thanks for sharing your blog — I will pass on.


  9. Lovely site. I like it so much that I want to award you with the sunshine award.

    Thank you for sharing your talent. I have added you to my links on my own blog.



  10. Thank you so very much!

    In January I started a new site designed to focus on my art (poetry, photography & graphic art).

    It remains a work in progress.

    I have added your link to my blogs.


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