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Texas Democratic Party State Convention

Thursday (June 5, 2008), Joy and I drove to Austin to attend the 2008 Texas Democratic Convention. Back in March we began actively supporting Hillary Clinton, voting for her in the primary elections, then attending the precinct caucus after the polls closed. Before this historical primary, most people voting were not aware of the “Texas Two-Step” – you vote then you caucus.

Clinton won the popular vote on Election Day – step-one. Then, after the polls closed, each precinct held a caucus and we were selected to be a Clinton alternates to the Montgomery County Senate District 4 Convention. A few weeks later, at the County Convention, I was elevated to delegate, and ended up being selected as a Clinton alternate to the State Convention.

We knew my role, as an alternate would be limited unless I was to be elevated to a delegate, but no such luck. All forty Montgomery County delegates were in attendance. As a result of the step-two caucus process, Obama will have more Texas delegates at the Democratic Convention in Denver – that’s the Texas Two Step.

From the March beginning, we knew that the chance of becoming a delegate was not good, but we looked forward to attending this historic convention. In the weeks leading to the convention, it became apparent that Clinton was being pressured to end her race, but she continued to put up the good fight. Then, in the final week, Obama became the presumptive Democratic nominee. Even so, at the convention the Clinton people maintained their strong support for their candidate, but in the end knowing that being united, as democrats would be necessary to change the misdirected leadership of the last eight years. Not since 1968 have I seen a campaign generating this kind of energy for change.
It is time to put the people first!

“It’s been a long time
Of waiting and forgetting
Remembering the coming back
Not crying about the leaving
Remembering the falling down
The laughter of the curse of luck
From all of those sons-of-bitches
Who said we’d never get back up”

(With apologies to Lyle Lovett)


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  1. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    In June of 2008 Joy and I were in Austin attending the the Texas Democratic Party State Convention. It was an interesting experience, one I’m not sure I would do again. This was our first time actively supporting Hillary. Click on (Photo Set) to see how I spent a lot of my time at the convention. — kenne


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