Houston International Festival, April 19, 2008   1 comment

Image: Little Joe Washington at iFest – kenne (Photo Set)

Annual iFest in Houston

I must admit that Joy and I have become “fair-weather” festival goers. We still attend a lot of festivals, since it remains in our blood, but we tend now to use the weather as our excuse for not taking in some of the many area festivals. We are fortunate to have many great festivals in Southeast Texas each spring and fall, and this springs the weather been wonderful. One that always includes great local and international musicians is the iFest, and this year is not an exception. (This coming weekend will be the final weekend of the festival.) As always, with several stages and two weekends, it’s not easy to see all the entertainment at the iFest.

Since we regularly support our local musicians, especially Blues, we were able to see Sunny Boy Terry, Gloria Edwards and Little Joe Washington. Little Joe is a real crowd pleaser, and many would say the craziest Bluesman alive. Because of our friend, Art Dietz,

we have been able to follow Little Joe’s career. And, it was not surprising that we ran into Art selling CDs for Little Joe.

We were also able to see the iFest New Artist of the Year, Carolina Chocolate Drops, a super African-American String Band from Durham, North

Carolina. The group carries on the tradition black musicians who played fiddle and banjo music common to the southern Appalachian Mountains. The group also plays great Blues!


Image: Carolina Chocolate Drops — kenne

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    It was eight years ago on this date that I posted our attendance at the Houston International Festival a few days earlier. — kenne


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