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Texas Poetry Shoot-Out   1 comment

Texas Poetry Shoot-out Framed blog

When one thinks of a “shoot-out”, one may assume a gunfight between armed groups; or a “High Noon” gunfight between the good guy and the bad guy – a duel.  What if the dual doesn’t involve guns, but rather a clash of skills like in, Dueling Banjos or a debate – a duel of words? You would think a “poetry shoot-out” would be a duel of words, which it could be, like in “The Dueling Poets” on the web. Although the concept might be one Good Books In The Woods may want to showcase in the future, this shoot-out was more to showcase the poetry of two friends (Paul Ruffin and Dave Parsons), each a poet laureate, each from Montgomery County.

Regardless of the format, when Dave and Paul read together, it can be a memorable evening, and this evening was not exception. (See photo set.)


(The viewer may want to chick on the YouTube logo to watch it on the YouTube site.)

Dave Parsons, Our Poet Lauerate   1 comment

davecolor-of-moruningxYesterday’s Houston Chronicle, The Woodlands section, had an excellent article on long-time friend and fellow member of the Montgomery County Literary Arts Council, titled, Local man a finalist for poet laureate of Texas. Dave is the current Montgomery County Poet Laureate. I consider Dave my literary arts mentor, since hiring him to teach the first Creative Writing class at Montgomery College in 1993.  We are very proud of our poet and active participant in local and state literary arts activities.

The following poem is from Dave’s book, “Editing Shy,” published in 1999

The Wisdom of Forms

Entering the water
I found the wisdom
of forms –
the giving
and the
taking of bodies,
without the torque
Of metal
or the tourniquet
of wind –
the way odd shapes
like our future,
unconscious and precise
the many decisions
of faith.

— Dave Parsons

editing-sky-cover-blogThe beautiful cover artwork was created by Dave’s wife, a talented artist in her own right. The art on this cover is one of my favorites.


pdf of Chronicle article facesinthecrowd-blog

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