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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARedland Drive-In Theatre In East Texas (November 13, 2001) — Photo-Artistry by kenne


The daylight turns to darkness,
as the light sets on the screen,
The cinematic fairy tale,
projects over the green,

The imitations evident,
as the crickets cry for love,
and a boy and girl sit nervously,
staring at the screen above,

The snack bar is filled with people,
popcorn, soda, and candy bars,
Three boys sit atop their parents car,
one stares up at the stars,

As their Mother smiles upon them,
She knows these days will come and go,
Their Father falls in love again,
as he watches her eyes glow,

And in this moment, Life is beautiful,
It’s virtuous and rare,
and the movie on the screen,
is not the reason people care,

It’s the time we spend together,
It’s the words we never say,
It’s the light we drive-in to the world
on the darkest time of day.

Cameron Logan


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