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Since I first posted this, March 8, 2009, The poem has appeared six times over the years. “I’ve always thought poetry represented the awareness of something. The minute you really notice a thing – e.g., the sound of a mailbox opening in a blizzard – it enters the world of the poetic. In other words, there are two worlds – the one where things stay silent and unnoticed, and the one where everything is amazingly phosphorescent.” — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

“Snakes On The Wall” — Photoshop Art by kenne

Decoding Poetry

What is it?
Is it not all things

In human existence?

Is it not all things

Of human experience?

Some claim
The words of poetry,
As if anointed
Announcing to the world,
“I know the code!”

Poetry is not code,
Allowing entrance
Only to a few
Fettered and packaged
For the scholarly.

If I experience
My own life
In the words of another,
It is poetry —

For it is I
Who holds the code
To my existence.

In the end,
There is no right
Nor wrong answer —

Poetry is like dancing,
If it feels good,

Do it!

— kenne


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Posted June 22, 2021 by kenneturner in Information

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  1. Now that’s a useful poetic credo!

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