Are You Able To See the Picture?, Entry from March 04, 2008   1 comment

This is a post from my early days of blogging, March 04, 2008, when I blogged using from March 2005 to April 2008, at which time I started this current WordPress blog. Even though Yahoo was no longer going to support 360yahoo, they didn’t make it easy to save and transfer images and content to my new site. However, still going strong after 15 years of blogging. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being


Image by kenne

Are You Able To See the Picture?

Most people “don’t understand the show” because they are not able to see the picture. Okay, I admit you see something, but what do you see if the image is not clear? Just as with a digital image, the clearness or resolution depends on the amount of information in the picture. The more information, pixels in the cast of a digital image, the better we can see the picture, from which we can reason. Whether we utilize deductive or inductive reasoning, each is dependent on observations. If no observation is made, or if the observation lacks clarity, then any ability to reason is based on “blind faith.” Therefore, some perceived as being conveyors of information “is not engaged in the enterprise is all,” and are indifferent to the truth – or at least an indifference to finding the truth. It…

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  1. You have done well to hang in there for 15 years. I’m sure your photography skills, as well as writing, has improved over that time. Have to wonder what that first post was about.


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