On The Road – Day Three   Leave a comment

In July of 2008, we took Joy’s mom on a road trip to visit friends and family in Minnesota. This was day three that began on the 13th in Houston. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Madison County

Driving north through northwestern Missouri,
nixing opportunities to bringing verity
and variety to the road,
passing by Haun’s Mill Massacre Site,
the homes of  Outlaw Jesse James,
President Harry Truman and much more.

Continuing our I-35 northern route,
leaving parts of the Ozarks,
entering more rolling countryside.
Peppered with stops every two hours,
only to wonder what history lies down
the many intersecting roads.

The terrain changes little entering Iowa,
calculating our mileage on to Des Moines.
Feeding off of passing signage to satisfy
a pang of a growing hunger for information,
one sign leaps at me – Madison County.
Can I pass up photographing the “Bridges of…?”

Most people we know would be exciting
to see the birthplace of John Wayne.
Making our first “tourist” exit,
the Winterset exit holds more for us.
Reflecting on the lonely rural countryside,
sharing the feelings of an Italian war bride.

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Posted July 11, 2020 by kenneturner in Information

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