“I will sing the blues for you”   1 comment

Enjoy! I like the poem and of course, the blues selection. — kenne


 I will sing the blues for you
Johnnie be good, Johnnie be bad and
Johnnie dancing alone to the Jazz.
The words sweet, tempting and so true.
My baby left me, I’m so damn alone.
Now I have the blues and the gin and the juice.
I confess my song to the half-empty drink.
She was so fine, like a 500 dollars wine.
Her kiss so sweet.
She was my Black Velvet whiskey,
smooth and easy to drink in her beauty.
I told her once and I told her often.
Take my hand, touch my face.
Take what you need.
I know.
Kisses so sweet, can turn so bitter.
Love so gentle can turn to love, so damn mean.
You and I,
bewitched by the moon dance will learn.
We were just Gypsies souls resting and we knew.
Love is for the lucky and we are not the lucky.

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Posted October 17, 2019 by kenneturner in Information

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  1. Thank you for the reblogged. I do appreciate.


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