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Mr. Gino’s Lounge, located in Houston’s blue-collar South Union neighborhood, has a rustic charm that keeps patrons coming back over what is now close to half a century — more than that, it’s the music in a very comfortable environment. 

When we live in the Houston area, we would frequently go to see friends and hear the Blues on the weekends at Mr. Gino’s Lounge. One time was to attend a benefit for Houston blues guitarist, Kinney Abair, February 23, 2003, and remembering AJ Murphy, who had a heart attach and passed away after giving a eulogy for his close friend, Kinney. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being



I. J. Gosey

Images by kenne

February 22, 2003, Blues lovers and legends in Houston gathered at Houston’s Mr. Gino’s Lounge in the memory of blues/jazz great, Kinney Abair. Now that it’s almost the 10th anniversary of Kinney’s death, I’m sharing my images of the Mr. Gino’s event. Some of the musicians in the photos are Joe ‘Guitar’ Hughes, I.J. Gosey, Ashton Savoy, Mike Stone, Pee Wee Stevens, Sonny Boy Terry and Texas Johnny Brown. Many other legends were in attendance, but not necessarily in my photos.

That evening we were also remembering AJ Murphy, who had a heart attach and passed away after giving a eulogy for his close friend, Kinney.

AJ Murphy AJ Murphy


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The Weary Blues


Droning a drowsy syncopated tune,


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