Do You Know A Veteran Like, Phil? They Are Out There — Mostly Forgotten!   3 comments

I was one of the lucky ones. In January 1966 I was drafted into the Army, along with two other friends from Naperville and like so many others in 1966, they were dead by the end of the year.

“It’s veteran’s day and the skies are gray
Leave the uniforms home cause there ain’t gonna be a parade
But we’ll fill up a glass for the ones that didn’t make it through
And leave a light in the window tonight for Jimmy McGrew.” — from “Veteran’s Day” by Tom Russell.

Becoming is Superior to Being

US Army Flickr Photostream, “Waiting out the dust storm” 

One of the blogs I link to is SO FAR FROM HEAVEN: OLD JULES. I enjoy Old Jules’s take on life. In one of today’s post, “My Original Veteran’s Day Post,” Old Jules writes about his old running buddy, Phil:

“I hadn’t thought about my old running buddy, Phil, for a while.  That last blog entry got me chewing on thoughts of him.  I’ll tell you a bit more about him.

Phil went to the Marine Corps as the result of being a 17 year old driving from Temple, Texas, to Austin with a case of beer in the car.  A Williamson County Sheriff Deputy stopped him on a tail light violation, asked for his driver’s license and saw the case of beer.  Old Phil, being a clever youth, gave the officer a Texas Drivers License with an altered date of…

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3 responses to “Do You Know A Veteran Like, Phil? They Are Out There — Mostly Forgotten!

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  1. to all who served

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  2. My older brother was drafted,
    here in Australia. At that point
    draftees were given the choice
    whether or not to go to that
    “Crazy Asian War”. He declined
    the offer, so I still have an
    older brother.

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