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Five years out, — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Sunset Trail HikePsychedelic Thistle — Image by kenne

— psychedelic thistle

On the Catalina’s

highest points

“thistles spike

the summer air “

now captured

in my mind’s eye

this Scottish rose

becomes my muse

as I raise a glass

of whiskey

to the dancing maids

of the highlands

in festive colors

that warm my blood

coloring different parts

of my brain

each overflowing

into the other

altering my state

of awareness

creating a new flow

yet another

basis of reality.


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Posted July 27, 2018 by kenneturner in Information

4 responses to “Psychedelic Thistle

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  1. Beautiful, both your words and photography.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pingback: Psychedelic Thistle — Becoming is Superior to Being – „Ingerii sunt spirite inaripate, prietene cu spiritul tau inaripat.“

  3. Thats looks great. The iconic flower/plant of my home country 🙂


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