When Is An Apology Not An Apology: When “You Lie?”   Leave a comment

After attending yesterday’s demonstration in Tucson, I couldn’t help but see the contrast between it and the FOX production of a Tea Party event Joy and I accidentally got in the middle of, 2009 in San Antonio. Click the link at the end of the posting to see more photos — talk about contrast. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

San Antonio April 2009 9.12 movement 6187 blogTea Party Rally, San Antonio, Texas, April 15, 2009 — photo by kenne

About the time you think Americans and can’t get any loonier, we have a “week that was” filled with days that seem to fast-forward into the past. For Joy and I, unknowingly we experienced a fast-forward into the future event back to April of this year when during a visit to San Antonio we were strolling by the Alamo. All around us, Crews were setting up a large stage, with plenty of lighting. What we first figured was part of Fiesta Week, beginning the next day, However, the more we looked around, it became evident that this was a Fox Television choreographed Glenn Beck production of a Tea Party event to go live that afternoon. Not knowing much about Tea Party events, we came back that afternoon to witness people professing their patriotism by pushing lies. The…

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Posted July 1, 2018 by kenneturner in Information

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