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Physically, there may be a bridge to a better future.  One can eat more healthfully, exercise more, and do things to improve the environment, including building wonderful bridges.  Internally (i.e., psychologically), is there really a bridge, and who is going to cross that bridge?   Is the bridge different from what one is?  

Is the “experiencer” really something separate from the experience?  If there were no experiences, what would the “experiencer” be?  So many of us, like infantile children, want more and more pleasurable experiences.   Can there be moments when a sagacious mind exists without merely depending upon experience after experience? 

If anger takes place, can it be looked non-fragmentarily — without manufacturing separate ideals — so as to be fully aware of it (without separative space and time)?  Can there be moments when the mind (without excuses) fully sees what it is directly and with full awareness, without concocting notions…

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Posted June 24, 2018 by kenneturner in Information

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  1. Maybe an answer to one part of your series of questions: it is usual typical and in fact expected as being a human to equate thoughts truly with emotions.

    I learned or rather was taught the possibility that my thoughts are not my emotions and my emotions are not my thoughts.

    I think we get into a lot of trouble when we see a consistency in our being that rides through what could be called a generally an emotional time and I thoughts and reasonings that go on then, and the smooth transition into aggravated angry fearful emotions and their coordinated thinking.

    When we are aggravated and angry often enough — and I think it’s just a “natural“ way for human beings to initially, upon the world— We see the thoughts that moved along with the emotions as indicating true things, for example, that this other person that made me angry is stupid or doesn’t know what’s going on or I need to tell them how it really is, or this is what always happens, or this person is this way and here they are doing it again, or even I’m such an idiot I always do this, I am worthless, or even I am the greatest and intelligent most intelligent person there is and everyone should listen to me… etcetera…

    I think it takes some sort of necessary event for someone to have a precipitate reason to dismiss or at least consider the possibility that whatever thoughts might be going on are distorted by emotions.

    This is not to say that somehow we should be stoic but only that perhaps we need to have a more conscious awareness about how seamlessly my rational thoughts become irrational because my emotional state has changed.


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