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One of the first presenters at the Writers in Performance Series, and one of my favorites, is Robert Phillips. Robert has authored more than 30 volumes of poetry, one of which is Spinach Days. It’s not easy to select a poem for the Capturing the Word series, since I like most all Robert’s poetry.

Early Lesson

Her mother brought her down
to the laundry room. Picking

through the wicker clothes basket
she explained, “You must separate

the colored from the white.”
Her mother brought her down
And they did. Their black maid,
ironing in the corner, nodded.

— Robert Phillips, Spinach Days

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  1. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    Most every day I read some poetry, especially on Sunday’s as I listen to music. Today I pulled Robert Phillip’s book of poems, “Spinach Days” off the shelf. To say the least, I love his poetry. This 2010 posting has a short poem from the book, published in 2000.

    Another poem of Bob’s is, “What’s The Point?” in which he examines the word, “point.” Over ten years ago I wrote a sort of a response, “The Point Is . . .”, which I will share in a later posting. — kenne


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