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Shadows Before the Sky Darkens– Image by kenne

Visitors to this blog know I share images in the series, “Capturing the Moment.” With this posting, I’m beginning a similar series sharing poetry, specifically from my own writings and from the poets that have appeared in the “Writers in Performance” (WIP) Series conducted by the Montgomery County Literary Arts Council since 1993. It wasn’t till our recent move to Tucson that I realize the number of poetry books I have, a collection for which I’m very proud. So, with this posting I will use my blog to occasionally share the WIP writers’ poetry. Not to show any preference, I just reached to the shelves and pulled down a book. The book selected was Different Hours by Stephen Dunn. Stephen presented at WIP November 1, 2000. Here’s the poem I selected from this book of poetry:

Before The Sky Darkens

Sunsets, incipient storms, the tableaus
of melancholy — maybe these are
the Saturday night-events
to take your best girl to. At least then
there might be moments of vanishing beauty
before the sky darkens,
and the expectation of happiness
would hardly exist
and therefore might be possible.

More and more you learn to live
with the unacceptable.
You sense the ever-hidden God
retreating even farther,
terrified or embarrassed.
You might as well be a clown,
big silly cloths, not evidence of desire.

That’s how you feel, say, on a Tuesday.
Then out of the daily wreckage
comes an invitation
with your name on it. Or more likely,
that best girl of yours offers you,
once again, a small local kindness.

You open your windows to good air
blowing in from who knows where,
which you gulp and deeply inhale
as if you have a death sentence. You have.
All your life, it seems, you’ve been appealing it.
Night sweats and useless stratagem. Reprieves.

— Stephen Dunn

6 responses to “Capturing the Word — A New Series

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  1. Love this picture. We understand why you would love to get up everyday to look at this view and end each day marveling at the light.
    Take dear friends. We miss you
    Ken and Mary


  2. . . . thanks, Mary. We are slowly getting things in place, which is helping it feel more like home. All this unpacking is for the birds. Still don’t have Internet at the house, but should by next Monday evening. Still doing the Starbucks thing, which isn’t bad but getting a little tiring.

    We hope to start taking in the live music scene soon, that is if we can stay awake. We have been so busy that by the time we have dinner, we are too tired to do anything else.

    We miss you guys. Hope you can plan on coming out our way soon.


  3. What a spectacular view. Great capture of its beauty!


  4. Thanks — enjoy the journey!


  5. Stunning – – both the poem and the photograph but each enhanced by the match-up. Looking forward to getting my poetry fix.


  6. Thanks for sharing, I forgot that I miss poetry in my life (and the time to read it!) It’s been 15-20 years since I read alot and wrote some poetry. The poetry section was one of mine at Elliott Bay Books…. I’ll have to check out this new series of posts


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