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Paul Ruffin Collagex blogPaul Ruffin at “Writers In Performance” series at Lone Star College Montgomery

“I’m a Renaissance man,” Paul Ruffin told Jeannie Kever, the Chronicle reporter whose article, “Well-Versed in Creativity,” on Ruffin appears in today’s paper. Whatever the label – I think the label one can invoke from the placement of an article on Ruffin being in the Obituaries, Editorials, Outlook and Weather section might be much better – he embodies a lot of contradictions, existing somewhere in between. However, he seems to thrive in a dichotomistic world, which more often than not he creates and expresses in a very trusting voice – this is what makes him a great storyteller.

“He slices off the tip of the pink sack
of my fifth bull of the day, works
the testicles out until they protrude
like angry bullets of flesh, and cuts
them away with one stroke of his knife,
whose blade has been honed to a sliver.
He hands the steaming lumps to his son,
The youngest, who reaches through the fence.
‘They’ll be fried later,’ he finally says
in answer to my question,
‘when we have a quart or so.’”

— from the Paul Ruffin poem, “Cutting”

ParsonsWhitman062006-05-31-56 IImask blogAs a member of the Montgomery County Literary Arts Council (MCLAC) and close friend of it’s founder, Dave Parsons, it was with mixed emotions that we received the news from Dave that Paul had been named the new Texas poet laureate, an honor for which both were finalists. Although the irony of Dave having nominated Paul can’t go unnoticed, Dave would have it no other way. We are blessed to have both these great writers living in Montgomery County, fast becoming a literary hub.


Chronicle Article and Video

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