Life Beyond The Bowl   4 comments

Photo-Artistry by kenne


Puzzled by her restricted access to her world,
she lone to reach its outer limits –
to know life beyond her glass skin.
If only she could go outside her inside being.

She looked above; there was no glass –
an opening to the boundless world.
Someday she would jump through the opening,
making the whole world kin, multiplying her being.

Life beyond my skin
Bath in kinship with strangers
Breaking the law of being

— kenne

Posted November 27, 2008 by kenneturner in Poetry

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4 responses to “Life Beyond The Bowl

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  1. well, well, isn´t she just like me?
    I´ve been looking to this opening above my head for a while now…
    but not wandering “should I? or should I not ? ”
    instead, working out in order to be strong enough to “run” after jumping …oh yes… and I´ve practicing breathing out of water too.



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    First posted November 27, 2008 — kenne


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