360 Revised, My Stardust Memories   1 comment


Still Life Entry from December 24, 2005 — Image by kenne


past, resisting replay

but for the stardust of yesterday

yesterdays, imparting time and place

gently massaging forgotten dreams

dreams, giving clues to

my stardust memories

memories, fading for now

only reborn to the imagination

imagination, touching the soul

engaging new moments

moments, experiencing rapture

in the joy of our love

love, living yesterday’s stardust

the music of today’s legends

legends, lighting our essence

upon which the future exists.

— kenne

Posted July 8, 2008 by kenneturner in Poetry

One response to “360 Revised, My Stardust Memories

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  1. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    This image and poem were one of my early postings using Yahoo 360 software, December 24, 2005. This reblog is from July 8, 2008. — kenne


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